Omnisphere’s Arpeggiator can have up to 32 steps in a pattern. Each step can have it’s own length and velocity value.

To change the velocity of a step, click and hold at the top of the step and drag it up or down to raise or lower the velocity value of the step.

Two or more steps can be combined to create a tie.The fastest way to tie steps together is to double-click the next step to the right. Finer adjustments the duration of an individual step can be achieved by holding down SHIFT while dragging the right edge of the bar horizontally until the desired length is achieved. If the subsequent step of the pattern is empty, the duration of a step can be dragged into the empty step to increase its note value. 

There is a transposition offset above each step with a range of +/- 24 semitones. Click on the “0” to reveal the menu and select the desired semitone transposition.