Sounds can be marked with two purposes: for sharing them and for adding them to Projects.

  • To mark a sound, shift+click on it in the Browser. The sound will be with highlighted with a pale blue bar and a dot.
  • To unmark a sound, shift+click on it again.
  • To clear all marks, option+click/alt+click on a sound.

NOTE: Loading sounds works separately from marking sounds. Loading a sound does not affect marked ones, and marking a sound doesn’t not affect the loaded one.

If you want to share the marked sounds, select “Share Sounds” from the Utility menu or press the “Share” button in the Full Browsers. After the sharing process is completed, the marks will be cleared.

NOTE: This method allows you to share only one type of sound of a time (Multis, Patches or User Soundsources), depending on what browser you are working from. That said, if a Patch or Multi you are sharing employs User Soundsources, those will be included as part of the .omnisphere package.

If you want to add marked sounds to a Project go to the Full Browsers and from the Projects menu select “Add marked sounds to Project”. When a submenu shows up listing your projects, select the project you want to add sounds to. After doing this, the marks will be cleared.