One of the powerful features of Omnisphere is Library Integration.

If you also have Keyscape and/or Trilian installed, the library for those satellite instruments will appear in the Browser DIRECTORY menu along with your other Omnisphere libraries. The Soundsources, Patches, and Multis can be loaded directly into Omnisphere for further synthesis manipulation, or simply pure convenience!

When either Keyscape or Trilian Patches are loaded in Omnisphere, the Main Custom Controls page will be automatically displayed when the Patch is loaded from the Mini Browser or revealed when you close the Full Browser. Each Patch contains its own Custom Controls layout that brings together in one page all the most useful parameters of that Patch.

Omnisphere Controls in Satellite Instruments

When using Keyscape’s or Trilian’s Custom Controls page, selecting the Omnisphere Controls button on the Keyscape or Trilian interface will switch the interface to the standard Omnisphere control.

Conversely, selecting the KEYSCAPE or TRILIAN button on the Omnisphere interface when a patch is loaded will return you to the Custom Controls page of the satellite instrument.