This FX unit is modeled after the trend-setting SansAmp GT-2™ tube amplifier emulation pedal. It has a full set of amplifier controls and a selection of impulse responses simulating selectable, high-end mic and preamp combinations  

DRIVESometimes referred to as overdrive, Drive represents the amount the amplifier is overloaded, causing distortion. The higher this control is set, the more distorted the signal will be.


Bipolar control which cuts or boosts low frequencies. 


Bipolar control which cuts or boosts mid-range frequencies.


This drop-down menu is used to control the mic placement. The options are: Off-Axis, Center and Classic.


This drop-down menu is used to select either the default amp setting (Clean), a gain boost setting (Hot Wired), or a high-gain tone with scooped midrange (Hi Gain).


This drop-down menu allows you to select the different amplifiers after which this unit has been modeled: American Tweed (Fender), Classic British (Vox), or Modern California (boutique).


Master volume.