The Tape Slammer FX Unit is designed to simulate the effects of different types of analog tape compression, saturation and age. It’s very versatile and is the perfect unit to add when you need a little more edge, grit or warmth. It’s also ideal to make something sound more retro, and even works well as a normal compressor/limiter too!



Controls the amount of the tape saturation/distortion effect. Range: 0 to 100%


Allows you to control how “old” the “tape stock” is. Range: Bright to Dark


Sets the audio level at which the unit starts to simulate the tape compression. If the input signal is below the Threshold level, the unit does not apply any compression. Once the level crosses the Threshold, then the compression begins to affect the signal. Range: 0 to -60db


Adjusts the amount of time that the compressor takes to start compressing once the audio has gone above the Threshold level. Range: 0.1ms to 400ms


Adjusts the amount of time that the compressor takes to stop compressing once the audio has gone under the Threshold level. Range: 10ms to 5000ms.


A make-up gain stage that adjusts the overall output volume to compensate for compression level reduction. Range 0 to 24 db.



Engages and Disengages an additional Brick wall limiter at the output. The compression controls continue to work regardless of whether the brick wall limiter is engaged or not.


Allows the choice of PEAK Limiting or RMS Compression curves. Peak Limiting detects audio transients that are louder than the set Threshold level and applies compression to control those Peaks to whatever level you’ve set. RMS Compression detects an audio signal’s average level and applies Compression to the overall signal. This helps make the whole audio signal louder. With RMS, there is no specific ceiling for the audio as there is with Peak Limiting.