In addition to reorganizing FX units by dragging and dropping, you have the option to copy and paste them to alternate locations.

Copying an FX Unit, along with all of its current parameter settings and Pasting it into a different slot or rack is another way of changing the order and placement of FX Units. It’s not required to Save a Preset in order to use it in another other FX Slot. You can simply Copy the FX Unit with its current settings and Paste it into any other FX Slot. If the targeted slot is occupied, the existing FX unit will be replaced by the new one.

To Copy and Paste an Effect:

  • •Select the drop-down arrow to the left of the FX unit you’d like to copy.
  • •Choose any other FX Slot.
  • •Select the drop-down arrow to the left of the unit..

This FX Slot now has the exact same FX Unit and settings as the original FX Unit.