This FX features models of the incredible Oberheim Phasor™, the classic MXR Phase 90™, and a boutique, custom-designed chorus/phase shifter.

MINI-SLIDErControls the mix of the dry signal and the processed (wet) signal. The percentage indicates the amount of the signal that is wet.


This control sets the cycle speed of the LFO. Minimum settings will produce a sweeping effect, higher settings will create a more warbling effect.


The Depth control adjusts the amount of modulation from the LFO.


Engages and disengages synchronization of the LFO rate with the host’s tempo.


This drop-down menu allows you to select different phasers after which this effect has been modeled. In addition to the custom-designed Chorus/Phase Shifter, we have:

  • Oberheim Phasor
  • Before creating classics like the OB-8™, Tom Oberheim came up with the Phasor. Can a sound be lush and subtle and never-boring, all at the same time? Turn this unit on and see for yourself.
  • MXR Phase 90v* This box has been described as Van Halen tone in a box. Classic 1970s phaser, for guitar and everything else!


Engaging this switch makes the effected signal mono.