This FX unit is modeled after the built-like-a-tank A/DA Flanger™ pedal. Famous for its road-worthy construction and super-versatile tone, this flanger gives you fantastic musical effects (not to mention cool jet engine sounds!).


Controls the mix of the dry signal and the processed (wet) signal. The percentage indicates the amount of the signal that is wet.


This control sets the cycle speed of the LFO. Minimum settings will produce a sweeping effect, higher settings will create a more warbling effect.


The Depth control adjusts the amount of modulation from the LFO.


Engages and disengages synchronization of the LFO rate with the host’s tempo.


Controls the tone of the affected signal, creating darker results at low settings and brighter results at higher settings.


Controls the amount of delay feedback, which produces a stronger flanging resonance.


Engaging this switch makes the effected signal mono.