Your computer must be connected to the internet while following these instructions. If you need directions for authorizing on a computer not connected to the internet, please follow the steps detailed here

1. After instantiating Omnisphere into your sequencer, click the Omnisphere splash screen.

You will now see the Omnisphere Authorization System window:

2. Click the COPY button to copy the challenge code. Log in to the Spectrasonics website with your User Account name and password

You will be taken to your User Account page. If you don’t yet have a User Account, you can create one.

3. If this is your first authorization of Omnisphere, you’ll need to add it to your account by pressing the “Add a product to your account” button under the Registered Products table.

4. Fill out all of your personal information on this page. Select Omnisphere as your product. When finished, click “Next” at the bottom of the page.

5. You’ll then paste your Challenge code in the field on the Authorization page. Please enter the details about your Computer as well, as it will be necessary if you require tech support.

6. You’ll then receive a Response Code, which you’ll select with your cursor and copy (Control-C on Windows or Command-C on Mac):

7. Return back to Omnisphere. Click the PASTE button and the Response Code will now be displayed in Omnisphere.

8. Click the CONTINUE button.

9. Remove Omnisphere from your host sequencer.

10. Re-insert a new instance of Omnisphere into your host. Omnisphere will now be authorized and fully functional.