Each Layer has Layer Level and Pan controls in addition to an AMP control, commonly used as a modulation target.


The level sliders are used to blend the two layers and often even a subtle change in level can affect the sound dramatically.

The Layer mixer level sliders cover a range of -inf dB (silence) to +9.54dB. 

To quickly set the Level to 0dB (unity gain), select the slider when holding down the Command key (Mac) or Control key (Windows). 

Range -inf dB (silence) to +9.54dB


Below each of the Layer Level sliders are on/off buttons that determine whether or not a Layer is active. They also can be used to mute either layer to make comparisons without having to adjust the Layer Level faders. If the button is light blue, the layer is active, if it’s gray, it’s inactive and will make no sound. This control is duplicated below Layer Pan.


The Layer Pan knob provides independent Pan control for each Layer. The Pan controls can also be independently modulated.

To quickly return the Pan value to Center, Command/Control-click the Pan knob.

Range 0.000 to 1.000


This is a pre-Layer Level Amplitude control designed to be used as a modulation target. For example, if you bring AMP all the way down, then right-click on the fader and navigate to Modulate with LFO, you will hear the Amplitude of that Layer being modulated. To change the overall level of the Layer, use the Layer Level slider.