The envelope contour can be randomized with the special CHAOS feature. CHAOS can change the level settings for all the points in an Envelope as well as the curve transitions between the points.

Chaos works by taking the existing points in an Envelope and randomizing their Levels and Curves based on two controls. The two sliders in the CHAOS section, CURVES and LEVELS, control the probability of randomization. Also, the four Modulation Envelopes have an automatic feature that randomizes the CHAOS on every cycle of the Envelope.


When enabled, the Level and Curve settings will be re-randomized with every cycle of the Envelope. For example, if an Envelope’s cycle lasts for two seconds, then every two seconds the contour will change according to the settings of the CURVES and LEVELS probability sliders.

NOTE: The AUTO switch is only available on Modulation Envelopes 1 – 4.


Each time the CHAOS button is selected, it will randomize the Envelope’s contour. The two adjacent mini-sliders, CURVES and LEVELS, determine the probability of randomization made when CHAOS is selected.

NOTE: CHAOS only affects the existing points in an Envelope; it will not add or remove any stages.


The higher the Curves probability slider is set, the greater the likelihood of variance in the curves between the stages. Higher settings will also smooth out the sharper Envelope transition types, such as bump, pulse, spike, linear and the three and four pulses curves.


The amplitude of the Envelope points will be changed more or less frequently, depending on the setting of this control. At minimum setting, the levels of the points will only change slightly. Maximum settings will produce more dramatic shifts in the Level values of the stages.

NOTE: LEVEL changes are strictly vertical; no point is moved horizontally with CHAOS.