Modulation adds motion and complexity to sounds. Simply put, modulation is any source that affects a target parameter in some way. The most common form of modulation in synthesizers is vibrato, where an LFO modulates the pitch of an Oscillator. Modulation is used in synths for adding richness and variety to a sound in real-time. Omnisphere’s modulation capabilities are extensive, but simple to use with the Flex-Mod system we’ve designed. Omnisphere also features a traditional Modulation Matrix Zoom view that provides more precise control over modulation routings and an overview of all assigned routings.

There are four ways to set up modulation routings in Omnisphere:

  1. Modulations can be set up on the fly by right-clicking parameters and choosing a modulation source from a drop down menu.
  2. Modulation routings can be defined in the Modulation section of the Layer page.
  3. Modulation routings can be configured on the Mod Matrix Zoom view.
  4. Modulation adjustments can be made when the MODULATION column opens on the left, replacing the Mini-Browser.

With the wide variety of sources and destinations, there are literally thousands of potential modulation routings that can be configured.