The fact that Omnisphere can modulate nearly 90 synthesis parameters per Layer is only part of the story. Any of Omnisphere’s modulation sources can be applied to the myriad of FX parameters as well. Just about every single parameter in all of Omnisphere’s 58 effects modules can be modulated, which means there are dozens of effects parameters available on top of all of the synthesis parameters!

Modulation Effects Menu

Any effect that’s added to an effect rack (Aux, A, B or Common) is available as a modulation target. After an effect has been added to a rack, a new category called after the rack name will appear at the bottom of the list of target categories.

When you right-click on any modulatable parameter, the same list of modulation sources appears as when a synthesis parameter is right-clicked. All of the modulation options are the same.

After a parameter has been assigned as a Modulation Target, the control will become shaded with a bluish tint (in the example below, the Input control is now blue).

These parameters will be available as long as the effect module is assigned to the Patch – meaning they will no longer appear if the effect is removed from that Layer’s rack.

Aux Sends

It is possible to modulate the Aux Sends from each Layer and the Common Rack. These modulation targets are always available in the list of targets in the Aux Sends category.