The Soundsource Zoom Edit View provides controls for managing the complex Soundsources in Omnisphere. Deceptively simple, this single interface provides important sound shaping and memory management capabilities.

Selecting the Zoom icon in the Soundsource Display will open the Soundsource Zoom Edit View by default. The Soundsource Zoom has three sub-panes, the Edit View, the Thin View, and the Info View, accessed by selecting the EDIT, THIN, and INFO buttons in the upper right.

The Soundsource Zoom Edit View, accessible from the EDIT tab, allows you to mix the levels of multiple channels (these controls remain, no matter which tab is selected), such as Microphone and Direct Pickup outputs, and select and adjust the desired Release Noise and Legato articulation triggering.

NOTE: Some of the controls are intended for use with Keyscape or Trilian sounds loaded into Omnisphere. For example, Omnisphere sounds don’t currently include Legato Soundsources, so these controls will have no effect on Omnisphere Soundsources.

The Soundsource Zoom Thin view, accessible from the THIN tab, helps to manage resources by limiting the number of Round Robin samples, the Velocity switched samples, or by turning off Legato Soundsources.

The Soundsource Zoom Info View area, accessible from the INFO tab, provides the most information about the loaded Soundsource, with details about the origin of the samples and suggestions for their application. It also displays a large representative image of the loaded sound. The Soundsource Zoom Info View is covered in detail in the Browser section of the guide.