The LAYERS view provides the names and a visual representation of the Waveforms or Soundsources that make up the Patch, along with ON / OFF buttons for quick auditioning and Volume faders for each Layer.

The stepper arrows allow you to step through Waveforms or Soundsources, and for Layers that use Soundsources, the folder icon takes you to the Soundsource Browser, while the magnifying glass takes you to the Soundsource Zoom for that Layer.

When the Soundsource Zoom is open, you can toggle between Edit View and Info View using the Edit and Info buttons on the Soundsource Zoom pane.

The Soundsource Zoom Edit View allows you to adjust various parameters specific to the Soundsource loaded in the selected Layer. For details please see the Soundsource Zoom Edit View section.

The Soundsource Zoom Info View provides detailed information about the Soundsource, including information on the origin of the sampled sound and how it was modified or adapted for inclusion in Omnisphere. There also will be some suggestions for its use and some ideas for modifying it, along with a web link and legal information links with more info about the Soundsource.

This section also displays a wide variety of information, including the author, specifications and categorization.

The MORE INFO + WWW button can provide further information about the Soundsource and/or its author.

The LEGAL INFO button provides helpful information about the trademarks and copyrights for Omnisphere’s Core Library.