The “V” stands for Velocity. Omnisphere has four velocity curve presets available on the CONTROLS screen. The first curve is linear, then two exponential curves and the last is flat. These curves are provided to quickly adjust the dynamic response of the current Patch to your MIDI controller and playing style.  


The linear curve is the most commonly used velocity setting. Playing harder on the keyboard will have a direct effect on any parameter that is modulated with velocity in an even and linear way.  

Exponential Positive

The Exponential Positive curve means that when playing softly not much effect will be heard, but when playing at a moderate intensity on the keyboard the velocity modulation will be more dramatic than with a linear curve.  

Exponential Negative

Exponential Negative has the opposite effect of Exponential positive, meaning that it’s better-suited for more intense touch and provides the widest musical dynamic range.  


Omnisphere will receive the same velocity value with this flat curve. Useful if a totally consistent and predictable result is desired.  

V-Curve Zoom

The V-Curve Zoom button provides access to the Velocity Curve Zoom, for precise editing of the Velocity response of the Patch.