Omnisphere’s MASTER FILTER controls the entire Patch, meaning that it affects both Layer A and B. The MASTER FILTER is completely separate from Omnisphere’s dedicated Filter section on the LAYERS page and is designed as a simple tone control. The extensive Filter section in the LAYER pages should be used for serious sound shaping.


The MASTER FILTER has two available filter modes; LPF and HPF. The HPF (Highpass Filter) removes low frequencies from the sound. The LPF (Lowpass Filter) removes high frequencies from the sound.

NOTE: LPF or HPF are exclusive and cannot be enabled simultaneously.


The primary function of the filter is to remove, hence “cut off,” frequencies from the sound. Depending on which Filter Type is chosen, the Cutoff control will remove different frequencies in various ways. If a Lowpass filter is used, turning the control counter-clockwise will remove the higher frequencies. If a Highpass Filter is used, the opposite will occur.


The RESONANCE slider controls the entire Patch, meaning it affects both Layer A and Layer B. RESONANCE, sometimes called ‘Q’, adds emphasis to the cutoff point of the MASTER FILTER. Because it works with the MASTER FILTER, it will have no affect on the sound if the MASTER FILTER is set to minimum value.

At minimum settings, little to no emphasis will be heard. Moving the slider to the right will add more emphasis to the sound.

NOTE: The Master Filter is not capable of self-oscillation, but the Dual-Filter on the LAYER page is.

TIP: Try MIDI-learning the Master Filter to a MIDI Foot Controller. Having a simple “Tone Pedal” for live performance is extremely useful.