Using the Sharing feature, it’s easy for you to share your custom Omnisphere sounds, no matter if they were created using Factory Soundsources, Wavetables, or your own audio. You can share any combination of Patches, Multis, and User Soundsources with a few simple steps. All the necessary components will be be collected for you into a single .omnisphere file which others can open in Omnisphere on a different computer.

There are three ways to share Omnisphere sounds:

Share Sounds

This method is intended for casually sharing sounds. You can choose which sounds to share by selecting them in the browser using shift-click. After that, select “Share Sounds” from the Utility menu or press the “Share” button in the Full Browsers to create an .omnisphere package containing the sounds you selected. This method allows you to share only one type of sound of a time (Multis, Patches or User¬†Soundsources).

NOTE: If a Patch or Multi you are sharing includes User Soundsources, those will be included as part of the .omnisphere package.

Share Projects

Sharing Projects allows you to share all Multis, Patches and User Soundsources that were added to a Project in a single .omnisphere package.

Publish Library

The “Publish Library” feature was created for third-party developers of Omnisphere libraries. It allows developers to easily export or “publish” a library of Multis, Patches, along with any associated Soundsources and images in a single .omnisphere package. End-users can then install this package into their systems with a single step.