All STACK MODE settings (except MIDI Channel, which will always default to “Any”) are saved and recalled with the MULTI, which means you can setup a MULTI specifically for use with STACK MODE enabled.

In addition to saving and loading complete MULTIS, Stack Presets can be independently saved and loaded from the drop-down menu at the top of the STACK MODE page.

A Stack Preset only saves and recalls the layout of the STACK MODE Grid. This includes the positions of all added Part Regions, and the original Part numbers associated to those Regions.

When a Stack Preset is loaded, it will replace the layout of the STACK MODE Grid. Part Regions will be automatically matched to the same Part numbers they were assigned when the Preset was saved.

NOTE: Stack Presets do not store Patches, Part Names, CC assignments, or which setting (NOTES, VELOCITY or CC) was selected at the time the Stack Preset was saved.