When VELO is selected, Part Regions are mapped to a specific Velocity range. The mini-keyboard is not displayed. Instead, the horizontal axis represents the 128 Velocity values. This allows Velocity switching and crossfading of Parts. For example, which Part is played depends on how hard or soft the MIDI keyboard is played.

The horizontal axis shows white reference numbers for Velocity values and also displays incoming MIDI Note messages. The markers on the horizontal axis range from 1-127. When you play notes, their Velocity values will be displayed by blue vertical bars.

Parts on the left side of the Grid will be triggered at lower Velocity levels, while at higher Velocity, Parts on the right side of the Grid will be triggered.

In the example below, all the Parts will be triggered except the Region at the far right, which is mapped to a Velocity range of 109-128.

In this example, playing at lower Velocity values triggers the two Parts on the left.

In this example, playing at medium Velocity values crossfades to the Region in the center of the Grid.

Finally, as Velocity increases further, the next Region to the right will be triggered by higher Velocity values.