When CC is selected, Part Regions can be switched or crossfaded using MIDI CC messages. This is useful for crossfading patches from a MIDI hardware slider or knob. Each Region can be mapped to specific values across the MIDI CC’s range. The MIDI Control Change number that STACK MODE uses is chosen from the MIDI CC menu on the STACK MODE page.

Once the MIDI Control Change Number has been chosen, all of the Regions will respond to that CC number. The current MIDI CC value is displayed at the bottom of the Stack Mode Grid, similar to VELO mode, but only the current value is visible. While holding notes down, the value display will update as you sweep across the range of CC values.

NOTE: When using CC, all Parts added to the Stack Mode Grid will be triggered simultaneously when notes are played, even if their Regions are outside the CC value range, and not outputting audio. Therefore, this feature can put a high demand on the CPU on your system.

NOTE: MIDI CC 32 (bank select) is not available.