The extraordinary Twisted Space effect unit is a hybrid ambience processor with a completely unique sonic signature. Based on over 100 natural element recordings Diego Stocco made from animals, trees, streams, caves, and forests—as well as rich DSP algorithms—this effect truly puts you out there “into the wild.” Try blending in a sub octave of the natural elements…there’s simply no other verb like this on the planet!

Controls the mix of the dry signal and the processed (wet) signal. The percentage indicated is the amount of the signal that is wet.


    Controls the mix between the AMBIENCE and NATURAL ELEMENTS sections. As BLEND is increased, more of the element selected in the NATURAL ELEMENTS menu is mixed back into the processed signal.
Increases reverb time or delay time depending on the AMBIENCE TYPE selected.
    Controls the amount of analog regeneration feedback if Echo, Multitap or BPM Dly is selected for AMBIENCE TYPE. Controls feedback and pre-delay if Inverse or Reverb is selected.
    Use this drop-down menu to select different ambience processor modes.

……………. Inverse – A unique “reverse reverb” effect.
……………. Reverb – Rich algorithmic reverb.
……………. Echo – Classic analog-modeled echoes.
……………. Multitap – Similar to Echo, with more delay taps for scattered diffusion effects.
……………. BPM Dly – Tempo-synced delays – the TIME knob selects rhythmic subdivision.

Controls the amount of analog-modeled modulation effects added into the ambience to produce lush movement.
    Controls the amount of stereo spread added to the processed signal.
    Controls the overall level of the processed signal.


    Controls the amount of sub octave pitch-shifting mixed into the processed signal.
    Controls the amount of multi-band compression applied to the processed signal. This is useful for controlling resonant peaks as well as adding clarity and sheen to the sound.
    Drop-down menu to select from a vast categorized library of impulse responses created from organic sources to be used for the convolution engine. This tonal signature is applied to the signal before being fed to the AMBIENCE section.
  • LO CUT
    Controls the cutoff frequency of a high-pass filter applied to the processed signal. Useful for cleaning up unwanted low frequencies.
  • HI CUT
    Controls the cutoff frequency of a low-pass filter applied to the processed signal. Useful for smoothing out the sound and removing unwanted high frequencies.

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