The* Aux Send Mini-Slider* controls the gain of the audio signal that the current Edit Group sends through a particular Mixer AUX Send Buss. It is then routed through the corresponding AUX knobs on the Mixer Page.

The best way to think of this control is as an AUX Send “trim” for each Edit Group before it reaches the Main AUX send knobs on the Mixer page.
This lets you send reverb unit only to the Backbeats, and not to the rest of the Groove.

This additional AUX Send control is provided here because the AUX Send Mini-Sliders are Edit Group-specific. Each Edit Group has a separate AUX SEND Mini-Slider for each of the four AUXES. Since there can be up to 16 Edit Groups in a Part, there can be as many as 16 AUX SEND Mini-Slider trim settings per AUX on each Part.

Whenever a new Edit Group is created, four new AUX SEND Mini-Sliders are created for the new Edit Group—one on each AUX sub-page. The currently displayed AUX SEND Mini-Slider position always reflects the value for the current Edit Group on the selected Part.

NOTE: AUX Sends default to the maximum level.