If you’re curious how the Spectrasonics sound design team created the cool sounds in the RMX core library, here are a few of the tools we used and abused to create the sounds in the Core Library:


Apple Logic Pro
Bias Peak
Digidesign Pro Tools HD
IK Multimedia T-Racks
Native Instruments Reaktor
Propellerheads Reason
Propellerheads Rebirth w/ custom mods
Propellerheads ReCycle
Steinberg Cubase SX
Steinberg Cubase VST
TC Spark XL
U&I Metasynth
Custom proprietary sound development software


Anarchy Rhythms
AudioEase Altiverb
Beatmodel Plugins
Cycling ’74 Pluggo Degrader
Cycling ’74 Pluggo Feedback Network
Cycling ’74 Pluggo Filter Taps
Cycling ’74 Pluggo Fragulator
Cycling ’74 Pluggo Frequency Shift
Cycling ’74 Pluggo Monstercrunch
Cycling ’74 Pluggo Noyzckippr
Cycling ’74 Pluggo PluggoFuzz
Cycling ’74 Pluggo Space Echo
Digidesign Lo-Fi
Digidesign Recti-Fi
Digidesign Sci-Fi
Digidesign Vari-Fi
Emagic EXS24 mkII
Emagic Space Designer
Gleetchplug Cosmo
Gleetchplug D-Rive
Gleetchplug Malestrom
GRM Tools Band Pass
GRM Tools Comb Filter
GRM Tools Contrast
GRM Tools Delays
GRM Tools Freezing
GRM Tools FreqWarp
GRM Tools Pitch Accum
GRM Tools Reson
GRM Tools Shoft
GRM Tools Shuffling
IK Multimedia Amplitube
iZotope Trash
Line 6 Amp Farm
Line 6 Echo Farm
Moogerfooger™ 12 Stage Phaser
Moogerfooger™ Lowpass Filter
Moogerfooger™ Ring Modulator
MOTU Mach Five sampler
MOTU Pure DSP Spectral Effects
Native Instruments FM-7
Native Instruments Spektral Delay
Native Instruments Vokator
Omhforce Frohmage
Omhforce Hematohm
Omhforce Mobilohm
Omhforce OmhBoyZ
Omhforce Predatohm
Omhforce QuadFrohmage
PeRColate QuadraComb
PeRColate Rounder
Prosoniq Morph
Prosoniq Orange Vocoder
Prosoniq PiWarp
Serato Scratch
SFX machine
Smart Electronix Ambience
Smart Electronix Crazy Ivan
Smart Electronix Cyanide
Smart Electronix One Ping Only
Smart Electronix Supaphaser
Smart Electronix Supatrigga
Smartelectronix Ambience
SoundToys™ Crystallizer™
SoundToys™ FilterFreak™
SoundToys™ PhaseMistress™
SoundToys™ Tremolator™
Steinberg HALion sampler
Voce™ Spin
Waves +L1
Waves C4
Waves Diamond Bundle
Waves Doppler
Waves Enigma
Waves MaxBass
Waves MetaFlanger
Waves MondoMod
Waves Q10


Accesss Virus A/B/C/Indigo
Bontempi HitOrgan
Boss GL-100 Guitar Processor
Boss GT-6 Guitar Processor
Boss SE-70 Multi-FX
Custom Guitars
Custom Piano
Custom Vinyl Pressings
DATs full of noises!
Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1
Galanti DuoVox
Good Drummers ;-)
Hundreds of Acoustic Drum Kits
Korg Electribe ER-1
Korg Wavedrum
Korg Z1 EVL
Line 6 HD 147
Line6 Basspod
Metal Pots
Nokia cellular phone
Nord Micro Modular
Rode Microphones
Roland CR-78 analog drum machine
Roland CR-8000
Roland JP-8080
Roland Jupiter 8
Roland MC-307
Roland MC-909
Roland RSS-10 dimensional space processor
Roland S-10 sampler
Roland S-50 sampler
Roland S-760 sampler
Roland S-770 sampler
Roland SRV-330 Digital Reverb
Roland System 100m analog modular system
Roland System 700m analog modular system
Roland TR-808 analog drum machine
Roland TR-909 analog drum machine
Roland VariOS
Roland V-Guitar
Roland VM-7200 digital mixer
Roland VS-880/VF-1
Roland V-Synth
Roland XV-5080
Sherman Filterbank
Stratocaster and Telecaster guitars
Urban & Natural recordings
Yamaha MIDI’ed CS-80 analog synthesizer

…and lots of other stuff, too!