Sanity Management by Lorey Persing.


  • Principal Software Design by Glenn Olander.
  • Additional software coding by David Strozyk, Jay Olson, Shirley Sloper, Neal Olander.
  • Additional DSP coding by Bernie Torelli of Nomad Factory, Bram de Jong and Magnus Jonsson, Jon Hodgson of Gmedia, and David Strozyk.
  • REX File Import developed by Neal Olander and Matt Stabile.
  • Standalone development: Matt Stabile.
  • HTML programming: Kevin Jordan.
  • Testing coordinator and Techshopmaster: John Martin.
  • Beta group moderator: Gabe Shadid.
  • Chaos Inspiration – Smartelectronix SupaTrigga by Bram de Jong.


  • Principal Groove and Sound Design by Eric Persing, Diego Stocco, Tobias Marberger, and Hans-Joeri Scheffler.
  • Principal audio editing by Scott Frankfurt and Bob Daspit.
  • Additional audio editing by Lennie Moore, Bob Wilson, Ignacio Longo, Mike Zick, and DJ Hawk.
  • Controller Templates created by Scott Frankfurt and Ignacio Longo.
  • Categorization and Example Groove Menus by Ignacio Longo, Bob Wilson, and Scott Frankfurt.
  • Algorithmic Prosecution by Armand Hillside.
  • Turntable performances by DJ Hawk and DJ Hector.
  • Acoustic Percussion performed by Michio Sanchez.
  • Guitar bits performed by Gundy Keller.
  • Big Band and Orchestral source recordings by Nick Manson and Lennie Moore.
  • Kit and Multi Patches by Eric Persing, Scott Frankfurt, Ignacio Longo, Hans-Joerg Scheffler, Nick Manson, Bob Wilson, Michael Zick, DJ Hawk, Tobias Marberger, Diego Stocco, Gabe Shadid, Ned Bouhalassa, and John Martin.


  • Interface Graphic Design by Tolga Gurpinar.
  • GUI Layout and Design by Eric Persing, Scott Frankfurt, Nick Manson, Bob Wilson, Tolga Gurpinar, Glenn Olander and Brent Chun.
  • “Tube” image courtesy of Fabien Renault.


  • Chief Editor: Eric Persing.
  • Writers: Gabe Shadid and Eric Persing.
  • Layout and Development: John Martin.
  • Contributors: Glenn Olander, Nick Manson, Scott Frankfurt, Brent Chun, Paul de Benedictis, Robinson Collins, Ignacio Longo, Michael Flint, and Jonathan Merrill.
  • Groove Control sliced audio illustration by Gustavo Lanzas.


  • Presenters: Eric Persing, Adam Hawk, Ignacio Longo, John Martin, Bob Wilson, Scott Frankfurt, Brent Chun, and Nick Manson.
  • Video/Quicktime Editor: John Martin.
  • Intro Video Director: Krister Persing.
  • Audio Editors: Mike Zick and Adam Hawk.


  • Tobias Marberger, Ned Bouhalassa, Larry Mitchell, Gabe Shadid, Art Gillespie, Bob Wilson, Eric Persing, Nick Manson, Mike Zick, DJ Hawk, Ignacio Longo, Diego Stocco, Hans-Joerg Scheffler, Scott Frankfurt, Lennie Moore, MIDIhead, Chris O’Brien, Stephane Bonvallet, jdg, Richard Souther, Marc Pattison, M.F. Kowiak, MOCEAN Worker, CypherOne, Adrian Clarida, Bob Daspit, David Abraham Fenton, Gundy Keller, John Lehmkuhl, and Alexei Kharlamov.


  • Cover artwork by Jon Conrad.
  • Graphic layout by Steve Peretti.
  • 3D Rendering by Tolga Gurpinar.


  • To all our spouses and families for their patience! Our whole support team—Paul de Benedictis, Nona, Barb, Marilyn, John Martin, our entire Alpha and Beta team. you guys rock! The Calvert/Klinger Assembly team: Ruth, Bill, David, Teresa, Lisa and Vibeke, Terry Clark, Tommy Walker and Get Down Records, John and Annie Barbour, Richard Souther for the MIDI File work, Dave, Chris, and Jon at GMedia, Pastor Mark and all at Christian Assembly Eagle Rock.

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