Stylus RMX has a cascading search system for Default Patches for all sound types within the libraries.
It starts at the Element level. If no Default [Element] Patch is found, RMX looks at the Suite level. If there is no Default [Suite] Patch, RMX searches at the Sound Directory level. If there is no Default [Sound Directory] Patch, then RMX uses the [Master] Default Patch located in the “Defaults” folder.

When a Part is cleared, RMX searches for a Default Patch file to load. RMX looks inside the SAGE/Stylus RMX/Patches/defaults directory for a file called “default.prt_rmx” file. If you would like certain settings to be in place each time a Part is Cleared, you can save a Part file called “default.prt_rmx”.

Here’s how to create your own custom Default [Part] Patch:

  • Before opening the Stylus RMX plug-in, go to the SAGE/Stylus RMX/Patches/Defaults directory (folder) and make a safety copy of the “default.prt_rmx” file and archive it in another folder. This will allow you to return to the factory Default Part settings in the future by replacing any new Default [Part] Patches you have created.
  • Open an instance of Stylus RMX in your host.
  • Make any settings changes to a Part.
  • From the Utility Menu, ave the Part and call it “default.prt_rmx” inside the SAGE/Stylus RMX/Patches/defaults directory. You will be asked if you want to overwrite the existing Default.

Now when you Clear a Part using Part Clear, RMX will load this Part as the Default.