The Edit Buffer Suite is a special Suite located in User Favorites that has a unique set of functions:

  • The Edit Buffer Suite is saved with the Multi, which means it will also be saved with the project in your host software. This means, for example, that by using the “Add” button in the Browser you can create a Custom Suite for use in a specific project, and it will automatically be saved and restored when you save and reopen your project in the host.
  • Elements in the Edit Buffer Suite can be reorganized and renamed.
    You can think of the Edit Buffer Suite as a temporary work area that allows you to build Custom Suites or custom Groove Menus.

For example, by selecting the Edit Suite Button you can copy an entire Suite to the Edit Buffer Suite, and then rename and rearrange the Elements.

After making those changes, you can save the contents of the Edit Buffer Suite into a permanent Custom Suite using the Favorites Utility Menu. That Custom Suite is now available to use in other projects.

If you don’t want to save it into a permanent Suite, the contents of the Edit Buffer Suite will still be saved with your host’s session when you save the project.

When using multiple instances of RMX in the same project, each instance will have it’s own Edit Buffer Suite. Since you can see the Edit Buffer Suites from other open instances, a letter is appended to the Edit Buffer Suite names as they are created, in order to differentiate them.

Please watch the Suite Editing tutorial video for a complete demonstration of the Favorites system.