Edit Groups are perhaps the most powerful sound-shaping feature inside Stylus RMX and yet they’re easy-to-use.
An Edit Group lets you isolate any individual audio slice (or group of slices) and manipulate them independently from any other audio inside RMX—allowing you to customize grooves in a flexible way. Once you starting using Edit Groups, they will most likely become one of your main tools for shaping sounds and grooves in Stylus RMX.

Here are just a few examples of the many musical techniques that are possible:

• Isolate all of the snare slices of a Groove into one Edit Group and raise the pitch of just the snare slices while leaving the rest of the groove untouched.

• Select any number of slices from a Groove and reverse just those slices.

• Quickly and easily select all the downbeats of a Groove and Mute them.

• Find three slices in a Groove that have a unique sound and Solo them.

• Find Backbeat slices and tune them down while adding a Phaser effect to just those slices.

• Create an Edit Group of all 1/8 notes in a Groove and then make those slices pan wildly from side to side along with a wah-wah effect, leaving the rest of the groove untouched.

• In Sound Menu Mode, you can add a few hits to an Edit Group and tune only those hits while leaving the other hits in the Sound Menu untouched.

• Add slices to an Edit Group that you want to be subjected to the Chaos Designer while leaving the other slices un-Chaosed.

• In Kit Mode, you can assign each of the tom-toms to their own Edit Group and then tune them independently or treat each of them with their own FX.

• While working in Groove Menu mode, you can isolate all the kick drum slices from 25 different Grooves into a single Edit Group and treat them with their own FX like Vintage Compressor and Flame Distortion and then solo them.

NOTE: Some of the features in this chapter may be described in an order different than their appearance in menu lists. This is done so that the descriptions follow more of a general workflow with Edit Groups.

Watching the Edit Group video tutorials is highly, highly, HIGHLY recommended! It’s often much easier to understand how the Edit Groups work when you can see and hear examples and demonstrations of the principles in action.