It’s important to keep in mind that Custom Suites are specific to the computer on which they are created and saved in the computer’s current SAGE directory -like this:

This means that if you use a Custom Suite in the creation of your host’s Song/Project file or for a Stylus RMX Multi, then the plug-in will refer to the same path name for that particular Custom Suite each time the Multi or Song/Project file is opened.

The Favorite Grooves folder contains all of the Custom Suites that you see in the User Favorites Directory in the plug-in. You will also find the Edit Buffer Suite here, including additional Edit Buffer Suites that might have been created when multiple instances of RMX were open

If a Custom Suite is deleted on your computer, then any Multi or Song/Project file that used that Custom Suite will not open and you’ll get an error message like this:

NOTE: The Edit Buffer Suite is saved with the Multi, which means it will also be saved with the project in your host software and is not dependent on the file structure on your hard drive.