There are two completely different global operation modes available in the Stylus RMX interface:

Multi Mode and Kit Mode

These two Global Modes can be accessed on the Mixer Page Header via the MULTI / KIT switch:

NOTE: All 8 Parts will be in the same global mode. For instance, it is not possible to have Parts 1-4 in Multi Mode and 5-8 in Kit Mode.

Multi Mode

Multi Mode is where you will find all of the Grooves (Core Library, Xpanders, and imported user audio files) and Sound Menus. When RMX is launched, it defaults to Multi Mode. If you want to work with loops, Multi Mode is where you’ll do it. It’s also a great place to build your own tracks from scratch with the over 10,000 unique sounds presented in the Sound Menus. While there are a lot of drum hits available in Multi Mode via the Sound Menus, individual drum hits are addressed very differently in Kit Mode.

Kit Mode

In Kit Mode, Stylus RMX is optimized for quick building of Kits and acts like a classic drum machine-style sound module. Kit Mode exclusively uses special drum hit elements called “Kit Modules” that can be organized into General MIDI-compatible drum kits. There are over 3,000 kit modules to choose from in the Core Library and all of them automatically place themselves on the proper General MIDI notes when selected. The combination of all these drum sounds along with RMX’s built-in FX processing results in some powerful modern-sounding sample kits.

VIDEO: Watch the Mixer, Multis, and Kits tutorial for a demo of using both global modes.