There are three different types of Elements in RMX: Grooves, Sound Menus, and Kit Modules:

GROOVE ELEMENTS are rhythm loops. Groove Elements produced by Spectrasonics are always easy to identify, since the original tempo of the groove is shown as the first four characters in the Element name like this:

125-Massive Vinyl Wood

NOTE: Converted / Imported grooves may not conform to this specification.

The original tempo listed at the beginning of the name gives you important information regarding what the “intended” tempo range is. Of course, RMX always plays back the groove element at the host’s tempo, which may or may not sound musically appropriate, depending on the rhythmic pattern and its complexity.

Groove Elements will always have a corresponding MIDI file in the MIDI FILE section of the Browser Page that can be dragged-and-dropped to the host track or to your desktop.

To audition a Groove, click its name and it will begin playing at the tempo of your host.

There are three ways to stop auditioning the Groove:

• Click the Element name again.
• Click the Part Play button for that Part in the Footer.
• Click the All Stop Button in the Footer.
• Use the host’s transport controls if the Host Sync button is engaged.

Watch the Browser – Elements video tutorial to learn more about each of the three types of Elements and how they work.