Here are a few important guidelines to keep in mind for REX file conversions:

  • ReCycle™ files must have the proper extension to import ( .rex, .rx2, or .rcy).
  • REX files must be at least one bar in length. Partial bars will not convert properly.
  • If you are using ReCycle, make sure you set the tempo, time signature, and left/right locators before saving the REX file.
  • If you have more than 92 slices in the REX file, RMX will start the slice MIDI mapping from MIDI note# 0 instead of note# 36.

NOTE: If you convert a REX file with a time signature of a 6/8, 7/8, 11/8, 12/8, you may notice that it is playing back at double speed in RMX. This is due to the fact that most hosts use a “quarter note per minute” (QPM) clock instead of a “beats per minute” (BPM) clock. The solution is to either to change the clocking resolution of your host to eighth based divisions (which may or may not be possible), or simply press the HALF button in the browser before using the MIDI file.

  • To convert multiple items SHIFT-click on adjacent files or folders or Right/Control-click on non-contiguous files.
  • When you import individual REX files, they will be converted into a Suite called “Miscellaneous” under the “Converted REX Files” Sound Directory.

  • When you import a folder(s) containing REX files it will be converted as a Suite in the Converted REX Files Directory. The Suite will be named after the imported folder.

  • When you import REX libraries (a folder containing multiple folders with REX files in them) they will be converted as Sound Directories named after the libraries you imported.