There are two distinct Global Modes of operation in RMX: Multi Mode and Kit Mode.

These Modes apply to the entire system, meaning that all 8 Parts are always in the same Mode.
E.G. it’s not possible to have Parts 1-4 in Multi Mode and 5-8 in Kit Mode.

Multi Mode works with Groove Elements and Sound Menu Elements.

Kit Mode works exclusively with Kit Module elements–mapped drum hits that can be organized into General Midi-compatible drum kits. While there are a lot of single drum hits in Multi Mode via the Sound Menus, they are addressed differently in Kit Mode.


This window allows for easy loading of Multi Patches and Kit Patches. Click the window to reveal a drop-down menu of available Multi Patches or Kit Patches. There are a large number of factory Multi Patches and Kit Patches available here. However, it’s easy to save your own Multi Patches and Kit Patches. Saving them lets you recall these Patches from the drop-down menu.


These arrows allow you to step through different Multi Patches and Kit Patches without using the drop-down menu.


This Utility Menu Icon leads you to the same Utility Menu found in the Footer and is duplicated here for convenience. Clicking on this icon reveals a drop-down menu that houses some of the most important RMX functions like Save, Open, Revert, Clear, Copy, Paste, Help, and Midi Learn functions.