One of the most exciting aspects of Stylus RMX is the incredible expandability of your library via the REX file import feature available in the Stylus RMX Standalone.

In addition to the massive Groove Control® Core Library and S.A.G.E. Xpanders, you can import your own audio loops. This makes for unlimited possibilities for remixing and editing your own loops by turning them into S.A.G.E. format Groove Elements.

Importing REX files lets you expand your Stylus RMX library by adding new audio library material in a variety of ways.

You can create your own REX files using Reason Studios’ Recycle™. This powerful application lets you slice and format your loops into files that can be imported to RMX and played back at any tempo. With all the types of loops you can create, including guitar, percussion, vocals, and keyboards (and these are just the tip of the iceberg), the only limit is your imagination.

There are huge numbers of commercial libraries available in ReCycle™ REX format. You can convert and import these REX format files into RMX just like the REX files you create yourself.

There are also many commercial libraries already available in RMX format. Tons of 3rd-party sound developers offer rhythmic sounds and loops that are pre-formatted for RMX and they will plug right in.

With the deep editing capabilities of Stylus RMX you can customize them even further.

Please see the chapter on Importing REX Files.