The Time Designer page is divided into 4 areas; the Time Designer Header, Pattern Display Area, Speed & MIDI File Area, and the Time Designer Controls: Time Shift, Groove Lock, and Pattern Modify.


The Time Designer Header contains the Power Button, Presets Menu, and Global Button.

Power Button

The Power Button enables or disables Time Designer for the currently selected Part. When enabled, changes made to Time Designer settings will be applied to the currently selected Part.

Time Designer will be automatically enabled for the selected Part whenever Time Shift or Groove Lock parameters are adjusted.

Presets Menu

The drop-down arrow next to the Time Designer label accesses the Time Designer Presets Menu.

With the Presets menu, all Time Designer settings for the selected Part can be copied, pasted, or saved as a Preset.

Global Button

When the Global Button is enabled, changes made to the Time Designer settings will be applied to all Parts in the Multi. When the Global button is disabled, changes are applied only to the selected Part.

NOTE: When Global is enabled, changing the Half Time/Double Time Buttons or loading Time Designer Presets will only affect the currently selected Part.


The Pattern Display Area shows the Groove Lock Grid and Slice Markers for the timings of the groove.


Half Time / Double Time Buttons

The Speed Controls allow you to alter the playback speed of a Groove in relation to the host’s tempo. Once you’ve altered the tempo with the Half and Double buttons, the MIDI file will also change, so the adjusted Groove can be used on a MIDI track exactly as it is heard.

The Indicator Displays below the buttons show the current speed setting for the Part. If the displays are unlit, the Part plays at its original speed.

The Speed Controls on the Time Designer page mirror the ones found in the Browser. Speed changes made on either page will be reflected in the other.

For more information, visit the Browser: Speed Controls page.

MIDI File Area

The MIDI File Area contains a MIDI File Name Display and a Drop External MIDI File area.

These let you export MIDI files to a host project and import MIDI files for use as Groove Lock Grids. See the MIDI Files section for details.


The Time Designer Controls section provides all the main controls for manipulating Grooves using Time Designer.

This area is divided into three sections: Time Shift, Groove Lock, and Pattern Modify.