The Trigger Mode feature works even if a host is not playing because RMX has it’s own internally running bar/beat clock. RMX switches between it’s own internal time system and the host’s time system depending on the “Play” status of the host’s transport.

With Host Sync, at the moment Play is activated in the host, Host Synced Parts will respond as if they were in Immediate Mode. While the host is playing, Parts will respond to the Trigger Mode to which they are set.

  • While the host’s transport is in Play, RMX’s time system is disengaged and RMX follows the bars and beats of the host’s playback.
  • When the host stops playback, RMX continues the host’s time system, but does so with it’s own internal time system. Generally, this results in RMX continuing to play seamlessly.
  • Once the host transport Plays again, RMX allows the host to take over again. Starting Playback may not be in sync with RMX’s internal time system, so there may be a slight hesitation in playback of Part Playing grooves while RMX resynchronizes with the host’s time system.

RMX’s internal time system is also useful for older hosts that do not support delivering clock information to plug-ins.

Please see the MIDI and Trigger Modes video to view these modes in action.

NOTE: Trigger Modes are not available in Kit Mode because Kit Mode always responds immediately to note commands.