Here are some key points about the flexibility of MIDI Learn:

  • Edit Group parameters are all independently controllable from MIDI.
    This is why RMX has no default MIDI controller template—there are nearly 20,000 parameters!
  • The same MIDI Controller can be MIDI-Learned to control multiple parameters simultaneously.
  • Any parameter in RMX can be assigned to multiple MIDI controllers using any combination of MIDI channels.
  • A MIDI Controller from any MIDI channel can control any parameter on any of RMX’s Parts/MIDI Channels. This means that you can use a hardware controller with all of its controls assigned to a single channel and still control any parameter on any of the eight parts.
  • Assignments can be made to receive in “Omni mode” so that when a sequencer’s track is changed, all of the controls are still active regardless of the incoming MIDI channel.
  • All MIDI CC messages (except Pitch Bend and Aftertouch) are supported.