There are three different types of Elements in RMX: Grooves, Sound Menus, and Kit Modules.

KIT MODULE ELEMENTS also consist of single-hit material, but the approach is different than Sound Menus and they can only be used when RMX is in Kit Mode. The sounds here are mainly drum and cymbal sounds. They’re organized for fast and efficient General MIDI-compatible kit-building. Kit Module elements are created exclusively by Spectrasonics and the mapping of samples is fixed to the GM drum-mapping standard.

The name of the Kit Module always begins with the type of sound:

  • KICK
  • etc.

NOTE: A Kit Module Element cannot be auditioned by clicking the Element column like a Groove element can—you must use an external MIDI source to trigger the sounds.

When Stylus is in “Kit Mode,” the Browser will only display Kit Module elements, since they are the only type of Element that can be used when Stylus RMX is in Kit Mode.

The Kit Mode elements in RMX are organized into Suites by type of sound/drum. The only choice available in the SOUND DIRECTORY menu is KIT MODULES.

Watch the Mixer – Multis and Kits video tutorial video for a demonstration of how to use the Browser in Kit Mode and the Browser – Elements video tutorial to learn more about each of the three types of Elements and how they work.