This menu item activates the MIDI Learn function. Once this item is chosen, RMX waits to see which knob, slider or button is activated on the controller and which RMX parameter is selected. Once the RMX parameter and MIDI controller have been moved, they are learned.

Watch these tutorials for examples and applications.

MIDI Learn
Chaos Maximus Trick
Group Soloing-Muting Trick
Half-Double Fill Trick
Remote FX Bypass Trick
Setting Up a Hardware Controller


This menu item results in an inversely proportional MIDI Learn. This means that moving a controller knob or slider toward 0 moves the RMX parameter towards it’s maximum and moving the MIDI controller to 127 moves the RMX parameter toward it’s minimum.

The Inverted option is useful when you wish to assign two RMX parameters to the same controller, but want them to move in opposite directions.

You can turn one knob to have one RMX parameter opening and the other closing at the same time for a cross-fade.

Watch the Super Crossfader Trick tutorial for an example.


This menu item deletes the MIDI Learn assignments for a MIDI control or RMX parameter—whichever is moved after selecting this item. For example, if you choose this item, then move an RMX slider, any MIDI learn assignments for the parameter controlled by that slider will be deleted. If you move a MIDI controller after selecting this item, any MIDI learn assignments for that controller will be deleted.

Watch the Setting Up a Hardware Controller tutorial for an example.