The MIDI File Name Display shows the name of the Element currently loaded into the selected Part. If a different time signature has been selected in the Pattern Modify section, that time signature is added to the name of the Element.

Exporting A MIDI File

The MIDI File Name Display allows dragging-and-dropping a MIDI file to the host MIDI track. If your host doesn’t support drag-and-drop directly to a track, you can alternatively drag the MIDI file to the desktop and then import it into the host.

The exported MIDI file will contain all the changes made in Time Designer, including the Speed Controls, Pattern Modify, Groove Lock, and Time Shift parameters.

To drag a MIDI file to a sequencer MIDI track, drag the MIDI file directly from the MIDI File Name Display onto a MIDI track that is routed to control Stylus RMX.

NOTE: Time Designer works great when used in combination with the Chaos Designer. If you want to export a MIDI file that includes the changes from both the Chaos Designer and Time Designer, you must export from the Chaos Designer Page.