This area of the Browser allows dragging-and-dropping a MIDI file to the host MIDI track if the host supports Drag-and-Drop. If your host doesn’t support Drag-and-Drop directly to a track, you can alternatively drag the MIDI file to the desktop and then import it into the host from that location.

The MIDI File Name field always shows the currently selected Element. If a different time signature than the original has been selected in Time Designer, that time signature is added to the name of the Element.

To drag a MIDI file to a sequencer MIDI track, drag the MIDI file from the MIDI File Name Window directly onto a MIDI track that is routed to control Stylus RMX on the corresponding MIDI Channel.

NOTE: Pressing the HALF and DOUBLE buttons alters the speed of the MIDI files. Therefore, the MIDI file will always reflect the current speed of the groove.