Over the years, Groove Control has evolved. In the past, Groove Control files only triggered a single note (slice) at a time. Now with SAGE technology, Groove Control files have the ability to be multi-tiered, playing several notes at once—several grooves at once.

This “multitrack-style” method of playing the groove’s individual component tracks back simultaneously in real-time allows an even wider tempo range than ever, and with more sonic complexity while still maintaining the highest audio quality. We call these types of grooves “Multi-component Grooves”.

Multi-component Grooves have a different type of note-mapping in their MIDI file than you’ll find with standard groove elements.

You will likely find these unique looking MIDI files in various grooves with complex mixes in the core library or SAGE Xpanders. Multi-component groove MIDI files often use the full range of 127 notes and slices! We only use this approach when it’s necessary or when it provides a superior sonic result.

Here’s an example of a Multi-component groove in the core library. Check out this representation of the MIDI file for 174-World Hunt Combo:

NOTE: The lowest line of notes are the big hits, the middle set of notes that repeat are the small percussion, and the high tier of notes are the snares. You can slow this groove down quite a bit and it still maintains a great sound.