This QuickStart provides an overview of the essential things you’ll need to know to get started using Stylus RMX.

  • Stylus RMX can be hosted in any DAW or run as a standalone application.

1. Install Stylus RMX

  • Depending on the method and your internet or drive speed, installing can take up to an hour and will require 16 GB of free hard drive space (twice that for the download installation process).

2. Authorize the Plug-in

  • Authorization can be done immediately from any computer connected to the Internet.

3. Get Everything Updated

  • Make sure you have the latest updates.
  • It’s important to download and install the latest version of Stylus RMX.
  • After installing the updates, Stylus RMX is ready to go!

NOTE: Be sure to quit your host software before installing the downloaded updates.

4. Use Stylus RMX Multi-timbrally

  • Stylus RMX is a multi-timbral rhythm instrument, so you can use a single instance to load and play up to eight different parts on different MIDI channels.
  • You can use the internal Stylus RMX mixer or set up your host software for multi-timbral operation.

5. Watch essential Video Tutorials

  • We encourage you to view and/or download the Stylus RMX tutorial and product demonstration videos. These videos will provide important information every user needs to start working with Stylus RMX.

6. Explore and Learn

  • For more in-depth information, watch additional tutorials and explore this Reference Guide (the primary manual for Stylus RMX). This guide can be viewed on any computer or mobile device and can be printed and searched to easily find the information you need.

7. Support Resources

  • Online resources are available that can answer most technical questions. Please log in and visit our Knowledge Base.

8. Have Fun!

  • Enjoy using Stylus RMX and we hope you make some great music with it!

– The Spectrasonics Team