S.A.G.E.™ is an acronym for Spectrasonics Advanced Groove Engine

When we created our own in-house software development team at Spectrasonics, S.A.G.E. was the resulting technology that became the basis for Stylus RMX.
S.A.G.E. is an underlying core technology that allows extensive real-time control, creation, and manipulation of grooves while retaining state-of-the-art sound quality. This technology allows us to do things that were previously impossible with other audio engines. S.A.G.E. does all the hard work of synchronization and complex organization behind the scenes, allowing the user to focus on new musical possibilities.


Here is the simplified structural flow of Stylus RMX:

  • Multi (or Kit)
  • Part
  • Master Directory
  • Sound Directory
  • Suite
  • Element
  • Groove Menus
  • Slices -> Edit Groups