Each Kit Suite category and all the Kit Modules inside it are pre-assigned to a fixed range of MIDI notes that conform to the General MIDI specification. There is no user-mapping of Sounds. This allows you to switch a complete snare module in any Kit for another snare module without disturbing the rest of the Kit. The new snare module replaces the old one on the same MIDI notes.


If you load two Snare Modules on two different Parts, the two Snare modules will be layered on the same keys. You can make some very fat sounding drums this way.


This is the mapping of MIDI notes:

KICKS B0, C1 (notes #35/36)
STICKS C#1 (note #37)
SNARES D1, E1 (notes #38/40)
CLAPS D#1 (note #39)
TOMS F1, G1, A1, B1. C1, D1 (notes #41/43/45/47/48/50)
HI HATS F#1, G#1, A#1 (notes #42/44/46)
CYMBALS C#2, E2, G2,A2, B2 (notes #49/52/55/57/59)
RIDES D#2, F2 (notes #51/53)


The symbol next to Kit Module names “<>” indicates that the Kit Module contains multiple samples. Kit Modules without this symbol map duplicate samples. In either case, you can create Edit Groups for the different samples and treat them with custom FX. (see the Parts and Edit Groups section of this chapter).