The small SETTINGS Button resides above the Elements column in the Browser. This button controls how RMX handles parameter settings when switching from one Element to another.


When the Settings Button is active, Stylus RMX will reset a Part to a default state each time a different Element is chosen in the Browser.

Here’s an example of how this would be used:

Let’s say you were working with a Groove and had already inserted a Wah-Wah and BPM Delay into the FX rack, adjusted the AMP Envelope and Coarse Pitch on the Edit Page and experimented with some Chaos parameters. If you then select a new Groove Element in the Browser, all those changes you had made would be discarded and the Part would reset to its default parameter settings. This is useful if you like to experiment with many settings and then prefer to have the Part reset fully for each newly chosen Element. You can think of this as the typical preset selection function on most synthesizers – when a new preset is selected, everything is reset to the new preset settings.


When the Settings button is OFF, Stylus RMX will always keep all of the current parameter settings in the Part when choosing a different Element in the Browser.

If the Settings Button is OFF and we make the same changes as above and switch Grooves, all those parameters and FX will remain and we can listen to the new Groove with these adjustments still in place. This option works well when you have a set of edits in place that you’d like to try out on different Elements. You can think of this approach being more like the way a traditional “waveform selector” works on a synthesizer – the waveform can be freely selected, without any of the filter and envelopes changing values. An “Edit Template” is another way of thinking of this idea.

NOTE: Certain sounds in the Core and Xpansion libraries have special default settings unique to that Element. To hear the originally intended sound in the Core and Expansion libraries, you should keep the Settings button turned ON when auditioning. All other Elements will use the settings from the default.prt_rmx file located in the Defaults folder.

Watch the Edit Templates video tutorial on using the Settings button.