There are three different types of Elements in RMX: Grooves, Sound Menus, and Kit Modules.

SOUND MENU ELEMENTS consist of a collection of single-hit or “one-shot” samples, mapped across the keys of your MIDI controller. Since Stylus RMX is so much fun to use when working with loops, it’s easy to forget that it also works extremely well as a massive sound module for producing your own rhythm tracks from scratch. There is a wide variety of sonic material presented in the Core Library, including thousands of drum sounds like kicks, snares, hi-hats, toms, cymbals, and percussion, in addition to long FX Sweeps, Vocoded Electro Hits, Guitar Bits, Retro Big Band Stabs, and much more. Sound Menus elements are created exclusively by Spectrasonics and the mapping of the samples is fixed.

Sound Menu Elements always have the word “MENU – ” before the beginning of the name.

NOTE: A Sound Menu cannot be auditioned by clicking it like a Groove Element; you must use an external MIDI source to trigger the sounds.

There can be up to 64 sounds in a Sound Menu Element.

If a Sound Menu is less than 2 octaves, it usually begins on Middle C (MIDI note#60).

If a Sound Menu is greater than 2 octaves, it usually begins on low C (MIDI note#36).

Watch the Browser – Elements video tutorial to learn more about each of the three types of Elements and how they work.