The SPEED section of the Browser allows you to alter the playback speed of a Groove in relation to the host’s tempo. Once you’e altered the tempo by using the Half and Double buttons, the MIDI file will also change, so the adjusted Groove can be used on a MIDI track exactly as it is heard.


  • The Speed function only works on an internally playing groove element—it does not affect the speed of any incoming MIDI information from a sequencer track.
  • The Speed function only works if the Groove is playing at the moment the Half or Double button is pressed; if these buttons are pressed when RMX is stopped, then no speed change will occur.
  • The HALF and DOUBLE buttons may be pressed multiple times for extreme speed changes.
  • In Groove Menu MIDI Mode, the Speed buttons will affect all of the Elements in the Suite.
  • Speed is a Part setting (not a Patch parameter), so it is not affected by the SETTINGS button.
  • Speed is reset when selecting a new Groove Element.

The HALF button reduces the playback speed by 50% each time it is pressed. In other words, the Groove plays back at Half-speed. Starting at the host’s tempo, you may halve the speed three times so the slowest the groove will play is 12.5% of the host’s tempo.

The DOUBLE button increases the speed by 100% each time it is pressed. In other words, the groove plays back twice as fast. Starting at the host’s tempo, you may DOUBLE the speed three times which causes the Groove to play at a maximum of 800% faster than the current host’s tempo.

The Indicator Displays below the buttons show the current speed setting for the Part. If the displays are unlit, the Part will play at its original speed.

Check out the Half Double Fill Trick tutorial video for ideas on how to use the Half/Double buttons with MIDI Learn to create real-time fills and add variety to a track.