The Suites and Elements columns are used to find, audition, and load sounds in RMX.


A Suite is essentially a folder/sub-directory that contains one or more Elements. Once a Directory has been selected, the left Suites column will display all the Suites available in that directory. Clicking a Suite name reveals it’s contents in the Elements column on the right. In the picture above, RMX Grooves is selected as the Sound Directory. As a result, the Suites column displays a long list of all the available Suites in this Sound Directory, organized alphabetically by tempo from slowest to fastest original tempo. No sound can be played directly in the Suites column.


The right Elements column contains the sound elements that belong to the selected Suite. They can include the component parts of the full mix, mix variations, no-kick and no-snare versions, and some Xpanders even include different sections of a linear performance( like verse, chorus, bridge, fills, etc.).

There are three different types of Elements in RMX: Grooves, Sound Menus, and Kit Modules.

Watch the Browser – Elements video tutorial to learn more about each of the three types of Elements and how they work.