Stylus RMX now includes a powerful feature called Template Patches for easily controlling the plug-in in real-time using different hardware MIDI controllers and setups.
A Template Patch consists of all the MIDI Learn settings in RMX.

You can use this feature to make a customized Template Patch for your own hardware controller and take advantage of pre-configured controller setups that Spectrasonics and end-users have created for a variety of hardware controllers.

Template Patches allow you to instantly change which hardware controller you are using, without disturbing the rest of the settings in RMX.

  • For example: Switch between a mixer-style controller setup for studio use and a keyboard-style controller setup for live performance.

You can also use it to alter which RMX parameters your hardware is controlling without having to reassign the knobs on the hardware.

  • For example: Use the same MIDI sliders for different functions in each Template Patch.


You will find several Controller Templates and supporting files already installed for you. They can be located here:
Spectrasonics/SAGE/Stylus RMX/Patches/MIDI Learn/

As a starting point, we’ve provided a variety of MIDI Learn Template Patches for hardware controllers from Korg, M-Audio, and Behringer.

NOTE: If you are adding Controller Templates that you have downloaded separately, then you will need to manually place the files in the Spectrasonics/SAGE/Stylus RMX/Patches/MIDI Learn/ directory. This allows RMX to load the template from the MIDI Learn menu.